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Day Two Cloud 057: See Your Data With Grafana

Day Two Cloud gets into data visualization with Grafana, which is free, open-source software. With Grafana you can visualize, alert on, and query all kinds of data and metrics. There are also commercial options available from, but this is not a sponsored episode.
On today’s episode we look at how Grafana works, how it manipulates and stores data, and common use cases. Our guest is Ryan McKinley, VP of Applications at Grafana.

* Grafana is open source so you can easily get it and use it
* Grafana works with whatever technology stack you have
* Contributions are welcome

Sponsor: Datadog
Datadog is a monitoring platform for cloud-scale infrastructure and applications. Datadog provides dashboarding, alerting, application performance monitoring, and log management in one platform so you can get end-to-end visibility quickly. It integrates seamlessly with AWS, so you can start monitoring EC2, RDS, ECS, and all your other AWS services in minutes. Try it yourself with a free, 14-day trial and get a free Datadog T-shirt! Visit to get started.
Show Links:
Grafana on Github
Grafana Documentation
Grafana Release Notes – GitHub
Visualize data from Azure Data Explorer in Grafana – Microsoft
Grafana Labs and AWS add optimizations and new features to Amazon CloudWatch data source – AWS
Visualize Google Kubernetes Engine and Istio metrics with Grafana – Google Cloud
Ryan McKinley on GitHub
Ryan McKinley on LinkedIn


 2020-07-15  58m