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Heavy Networking 530: Everything You Need To Know About Wireless ISPs

Today’s Heavy Networking dives into wireless Internet Service Providers, or WISPs. WISPs are used for both last-mile access and as transport to reach IP transit points.
WISPs typically serve rural areas that have limited access to fiber or copper, but they also serve metro and urban areas where fiber is prohibitively expensive or complex, and in multi-dwelling units to serve building tenants. WISPs also work with clients in the energy industry.
Our guests are Kevin Myers, Senior Network Architect at IP ArchiTechs; and Cory Steele, Senior Consultant at STIGroup.
We discuss:

* The different types of WISPs
* Essential tools for deployment and management
* FCC concerns and the use of licensed and unlicensed spectrum
* How 5G can tie into to a WISP design
* Appropriate CPE in a WISP network
* The use of mesh technologies
* Drones and solar
* More

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Kevin Myers on Twitter: @StubArea51
Cory Steele on LinkedIn


 2020-07-17  1h6m