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episode 783: 22 July, 2020 – Episode 783 – Why the Earth Isn’t Flat

What is in the This Week in Science Podcast?
Batting 1000, Nanostars!!!, Pig Vs. Dog, Hot In Here, Gonzalo Breaks Record, Creature Connectivity Correlation, Baby Picture!, COVID Update, Human Arrival, Good Plants, Brain Benefits, Feelings, Voice Matters, Outfox The Ferrets, Cube Earth, And Much More…
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Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer!!!
I’m about to give you some advice…
The following advice is just a bunch of words being said by someone who
Very rarely gives good advice and seldom if ever has followed any.
And yet, somehow there remains a desire to do one thing above all else.
And that is,
Not Look Like An Idiot.
At least not in public
And especially not in a recorded format like this
where people can watch you be an idiot over and over again…
Believe me, I’ve done it, I know…
Three things you can do to avoid looking like an idiot in public
1 – Know what you are talking about.
Know at least the basic facts…
and more is better.
It may require reading or even listening to others,
but the more you know about a thing that you are talking about,
the less of an idiot you will seem.
2 – If you say some stuff that you say might not, or for pretty sures, definitely isn’t true
Do not ask to be fact checked on the spot!!!
Unless you genuinely want to know the truth.
C – When faced with facts
that you yourself asked for
that refute what you previously said…
Remember that most of the people watching are not on your payroll.
And if you stick to the, now proven very wrong, thing that you said…
They will all openly and mercilessly mock you for being an idiot
And 4 – Do not base the credibility of your intellect


 2020-07-25  1h54m