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The Toy Department features radio professionals Matt Kolsky and Derek Madden discussing, debating and dissecting all things sports, entertainment and pop culture. It's a free-wheeling, unfiltered chat about the lighter side of the modern world.



The Toy Department – Episode 14

In Episode 14, Derek Madden and Matt Kolsky return after a not-so-well-earned week off with HOT TAKES for your cold ears… It begins with an intense discussion of Game of Thrones – which released its first real trailer since the last pod and returns to TV in about a month – and then a short but ardent appeal from Madden in favor of his favorite TV show, The Americans (20:50)… Then sports talk takes over for a bit as the gentlemen discuss Goose Gossage’s response to Bryce Harper and one-man get-off-my-lawn campaign (26:00). Finally, they get into some music (39:50) as both Kolsky and Madden make listening recommendations for pod fans — take their advice, they have excellent taste. Oh, and if you want to subscribe via iTunes you can just click on the link below the player… Some other links down there as well… And if you want to contact the Toy Department, it’s easy — find us at ToyDepartmentPod (at)


 2016-03-16  48m