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Is Porn A Public Health Crisis?

If you want to stop sex-trafficking or you’re horrified by child sex-trafficking or child sex abuse, the number one thing that you do is you boycott pornography. That would be the first thing. At the very least you do that. For all the people out there who are using porn, who also think they’re progressive and they’re into human rights and stuff like that, if you're using pornography, that is the worst human rights abuse that you could participate in. Anne Blythe, Founder of Betrayal Trauma Recovery

Pornography Is Abuse. Period.

The pornography industry wants us to believe that everything they produce is consensual. They want us to believe that everything they produce is safe. They want us to believe pornography is empowering.

Yet, time and time again, women and children come forward as victims of the most heinous and despicable violent acts committed against them by pornographers seeking to force and coerce victims into creating content that pornography users will watch.

It’s a filmed documentation of someone being abused and exploited.Anne Blythe, Founder of Betrayal Trauma Recovery

Pornography Depicts Sexual Depravity at Its Worst

Sexual contact between adults (never including children) should be consensual, respectful, and monogamous. Sex should be safe. Pornography depicts and glorifies the opposite of these characteristics. Even "ethical" porn.

Melea Stevens, board member on the National Center of Exploitation, speaks out against pornography as a public health crisis on the Betrayal Trauma Recovery Podcast. As a champion for victims of sexual abuse and exploitation, she says it this way:

Pornography really sends the message that sex with anybody and whoever and however you want is a right, and they present it in such a degrading, violent, racist, incestuous, child-themed manner that it wears down any sense of right and wrong, any sense of sexual boundaries.Melea Stephens, Marriage and Family Therapist and Activist Leader against Sexual Exploitation

Hardcore Pornography Is Illegal

Most Americans don't know that "hardcore pornography" is illegal.

In fact, there are Federal Obscenity Laws that ought to protect us from porn. But they're not in force.

The hardcore version of [pornography], which is what mainstream internet pornography is today [is illegal]. Up until the early ’90s our Department of Justice was enforcing federal obscenity laws, but we’ve grown very lax if not completely stopped enforcing our existing laws. So, at this point, it’s running rampant.Pornographers know they can get away with producing whatever material they want because we’re not enforcing existing laws.Melea Stephens, Marriage and Family Therapist and Activist Leader against Sexual Exploitation

Pornography users can help advocate for victims of sex trafficking and violent sexual crimes by boycotting pornography. Victims of pornography users can seek safety by setting appropriate boundaries that protect their children and themselves from exposure to pornography. We are not powerless in protecting ourselves from pornography.

Pornography Use Harms Everyone

Pornography harms women, children, and exploited sex workers. Pornography even harms porn users. Pornography harms everyone.


 2020-08-18  21m