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This week on the podcast, Mark and Max Saltonstall talk with Simen Svale Skogsrud and Knut Melvær of started as a consulting company but organically morphed into a software company when they realized their content management solutions worked across many industries. By providing a managed system that includes search indexing and data hosting, allows customers to analyze and deliver content all over the world with ease. They also offer an open source kit that facilitates complete customization of the program to each client’s particular needs.

Simen explains headless CMS as compared to the conventional systems and how it benefits clients. Data is separate and much more flexible, allowing it to be used in any way on any platform. Knut tells us about the developer experience using Sanity, describing the dashboard of useful APIs and other features that make using the program a breeze. We talk about how real clients have influenced and built on the product and why customer service is so important to Sanity.

Later in the show, our guests go in-depth about specific features of Sanity, including how the system handles different types of data and data relationships. We get technical, talking about the importance of scaling and how Sanity is accomplishing this with Google Cloud and Kubernetes. Simen and Knut offer our listeners some valuable advice on product launching, time management, and more.

Knut Melvær

Knut Melvær is the Head of Developer Relations and Support at

Simen Svale Skogsrud

Simen Svale Skogsrud is Co-founder and CTO of

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Tip of the week

Roger gives us a tip about Google Cloud’s Data Loss Prevention. Check out the demo here!

What’s something cool you’re working on?

Max is blogging about identity and security and access control. Here’s his latest post with Jen Person, Zero Trust for Enterprise : Cooking up some access controls. Mark and Max have been working on turning their popular YouTube Series, Stack Chat, into a new addition to the podcast! Join us next week to hear the first installment!


 2020-08-19  37m