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episode 791: 16 September, 2020 – Episode 791 – How Long Will This Last?

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Life Stories, Bacterial Magnetism, Cavefish Brains, Orca-stration, Whale Blubber, COVID Update, Worm Knowledge, Variable Chimps, Venomous Plants, Time Perception, Old Stews, Old Bears, And Much More…
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Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer!!!
Humans have had a good run on planet earth.
Yes there are a multitude of life forms that have persisted much longer than the human blip upon the scene of life…
But there have likely been few life forms that have as dramatically effected the lives of so many others, as humans have done.
And while humans are having their moment now,
at the height of science,
at the height of technology,
at the height of agriculture,
at the height economy,
at the height of communication,
collaboration and inter-connectivity…
And also at the very height of hubris…
In thinking that the world belongs to them and will so remain,
undeterred by their activities
Humans are but one form of life on this earth…
the after effect of a recent adaptation among apes.
An adaptation that has led to a radical break with nature.
And the actions of these unnatural apes upon the planet
is leading to consequences for all of its inhabitants.
It is only a matter of time before these consequences become too great to bear.
A time when…
All of humans history will be but evidenced in ocean trash and atmospheric carbon
A time when…
All of humanities accomplishments will lay as artifacts under the sea
A time when…
All of science will be as all lost species, extinct and forgotten
A time when…
All of art and culture is discarded to the decay of time


 2020-09-18  1h53m