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Network Break 302: Nvidia Bids Billions For Arm; VMware Melds Kubernetes With vSphere

Take a Network Break! We begin with FU on DNS Flag Day and Samsung’s multi-billion 5G contract with Verizon, and then dive into Nvidia’s $40 billion bid for Arm. We report on Broadcom revoking access to its SDK from Cumulus Networks, and examine new features in vSphere 7 Update 1.
Palo Alto launches its first SD-WAN appliances since its CloudGenix acquisition, Extreme debuts a new universal hardware strategy for wired and wireless switching, and Juniper rolls out a new 400GbE switch.
CenturyLink rebrands as Lumen Technologies in hopes you’ll forget about CenturyLink, Equinix says it has contained a ransomware incident, Microsoft tests the ability to beam satellite data directly to Azure, and Microsoft concludes an experiment with an underwater data center.
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DNS Flag Day: Guidance for BlueCat Users – Bluecat
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UK tech giant Arm Holdings to be sold to US company Nvidia in $40bn deal – The Guardian
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Will Geopolitics Block Nvidia + Arm? – GestaltIT
Enterprise Open Networking Musical Chairs is Over — Who’s Still Sitting? – Pica8
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 2020-09-21  1h0m