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BiB097: VMware’s Future In The Cloud-Native Era

Kit Colbert is the VP & CTO, Cloud Platform BU at VMware. In this briefing, Drew Conry-Murray and Ethan Banks reflect on a Zoom conversation they had with Kit during VMworld 2020.
The context of the conversation was simple enough. Harshly stated, we wanted to know what VMware’s future is in the cloud-native era. Will companies need VMware? That ponderance was spawned by the various companies VMware has been buying, such as Pivotal, Tanzu, and Heptio. Consider also the VMware Cloud on AWS (and other public cloud) products. Are these transitional technologies that propel companies into the cloud, ultimately leaving VMware behind? Or does VMware have a play for the long haul?
To be fair, it wasn’t as if we thought Kit was going to tell us about the end of VMware. On the other hand, we weren’t sure we’d get a very convincing answer about VMware’s future. And yet, what Kit told us about VMware customers, migrations to cloud-native operations, and VMware’s role going forward was compelling.
VMware has been thinking about this for a long time, and they have a plan. You should know what that plan is. Have a listen to this short audio podcast to hear Drew and Ethan contemplate Kit’s perspective on VMware’s future.


 2020-10-02  7m