Wire Talk with Karen Stubbs

Wire Talk with Karen Stubbs was created to encourage and equip moms throughout the precious, challenging, and life-changing journey of motherhood. Karen Stubbs is the founder of Birds on a Wire - a ministry for moms. Hosted by Sunny Williams, Wire Talk offers Godly, practical advice on the topics every mother has questions about: mom guilt, our children’s faith, potty-training, divorce, our teenagers dating, the toddler years and more!



episode 234: WT 234: Talking To Your Kids About Race with Alexandra Bates

We are excited to release this much-anticipated conversation about race with friend of BOAW, Alexandra Bates. Last spring, when Alex discovered resources for talking to her daughters about race were lacking, she reached out to Karen and initiated a conversation. Their ensuing relationship has been enlightening for Karen, who wanted to share Alex's point of view and experience with the wider BOAW community. Alex shares her thoughts on racism and how we as moms can teach our children to love those from different races and backgrounds through the behavior we model.


 2020-10-20  49m