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episode 382: Your Electronic Music Listening Experience

Next to inspiring you with new music on a weekly basis. I also try to create a real electronic music listening experience whether you are in search of new music or not. Some people are DJ’s or other sort of music professionals like me. But many of you listen to Dirty Disco because of the mixed selections and enjoy this as a real electronic music listening experience.

Electronic Music becomes more a listening experience.

Don’t get me wrong, a big part of the electronic music made was already created as a listening experience rather than just dance floor music. But since the history of house music the 4 to the floor beats were always considered as club music rather than music for a listening experience. Through the years this changed and more sub-genres and artists focussed on creating electronic music as an emotional listening pleasure.

The Covid-19 Pandemic changes the way we listen to music.

Now the Covid-19 situation gave the music industry in its whole another dimension. Popular artists seeking other ways to connect with their fanbase, more through their social networks and in the form of online concerts. Many even changed their way of doing business and started with other disciplines within their scene, such as becoming a full-time vlogger.

For the electronic music scene this is similar but there is a difference and bigger change within the music itself. Most electronic producers showcased their music performing as a DJ or live act. Whilst they can’t perform on stages in clubs and on festivals no more the focus of these artists now became 100% on making music. And with the fact in mind that there wouldn’t be a lot of dancing they focus on creating music that’s just perfect to listen to as in an electronic music listening experience.

Since the start of the weekly Dirty Disco music show, creating an electronic music listening experience was always the top priority. Weekly new selections mixed together into a listening experience inspiring music lovers and professionals with new and old music to listen to.

This week’s contents in Dirty Disco 382.

Without giving away too much right from the start. (even though you are able to check the full track listing here below), this is what you can expect in this week’s music selection.

* 24 new curated essential tracks mixed together into a 2 hour mix session.* 3 albums you should listen to if you love Dirty Disco and the electronic genres we play.* 6 promo releases, forthcoming on the time of writing and recording the show.* 12 tracks that you can order online on vinyl.* 4 remixes on original tracks.* The full DJ mix available without the voice-over (presentation) on Mixcloud.* The tempo ranges from 86 BPM to 134 BPM. Starting out with laid-back beats, building it up to deep tech (techno).

Full track listing and music information.

U can use the tracklist below to find the music you like online in these music stores or in your local record store. Feel free to share and inspire others with beautiful music in these strange times.

ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord LabelEP / Album?Rel DateVinyl?Retromigration & NephewsQuomo (outro)LTDBLBL008LTDBLBLEP23-10-2012”Joe MorrisEcho Station (Coyote Dread Remix)Exotic RemixesShades Of Sound RecordingsEP2-10-20Joe MorrisCelestial Plantation (Pacific Coliseum Remix)Exotic RemixesShades Of Sound RecordingsEP2-10-20Buddy Lov...


 2020-11-16  2h5m