Take a seat

Drive. Entschlossenheit. Willenskraft. All dies sind Züge einer leidenschaftlichen Persönlichkeit. Und genau diese passionierten Experten aus Hotellerie, Gastronomie und verwandten Branchen teilen in diesem Podcast ihre Erfahrungen und Geschichten! --- Drive. Determination. Willpower. All these are traits of a passionate personality.The dedicated experts from hospitality and related industries share their experiences and stories in this podcast! They are exactly who you want to hear from.



episode 2: Take a seat - with Marc Aeberhard

Today we talk about a topic that sounds appealing, glamourous, aspiring and unreachable. Everybody knows it, most probably want it, not anybody can have it and those who have it can't get enough of it: it's luxury! But what's the definition of luxury? Hotel expert and SHL Lecturer Marc Aeberhard is here to shine the light. Marc has more than 20 years of experience in hotel openings and hotel management. He has worked in Abu Dhabi, Germany, France, the Maldives and Morocco.
Take a seat and listen to a passionate professional!


 2020-10-26  28m