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Terrible Warriors is an actual-play podcast all about the enjoyment of playing Tabletop RPGs. No matter if you have played them all your life, or have never picked up a d20, we’re here to show that anyone and everyone can play.



episode 8: Spire 07 - The Burning of Middle City

The Spire sits on a razer's edge and middle city is at a boiling point. The plan is in motion and the Ministers of Our Hidden Mistress need only execute their plan to send The Harvest and his city watch acolytes a message he won't soon forget. 

Tonight the city embraces one of the tenants of Drow society. Tonight they embrace fury... 

The Spire is published by Rowan, Rook, and Decard and was written by Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor.

Xyrie is played by Velvet Wells

Nharus is played by Sean Hunter
The GM is Justin Ecock

Music provided by Epidemic Sound

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 2020-11-18  1h19m