Terrible Warriors

Terrible Warriors is an actual-play podcast all about the enjoyment of playing Tabletop RPGs. No matter if you have played them all your life, or have never picked up a d20, we’re here to show that anyone and everyone can play.


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episode 33: Kult 08: In-flight Entertainment

As Aiden faces the present danger of Mr. H and worries about what he is capable of Autumn and Blue drift into a revelation that will redefine who and what they are. Flight 191 has a destination, but not everyone will be fortunate enough to arrive at...



episode 32: Kult 07: Checking Out

The walls come tumbling down and in a moment of violence the trio are freed from the bindings of the Illusion. As the Truth draws nearer they are transported back to familiar trappings. But questions still remain. Above all, where did Blue come from?...



episode 31: Kult 06: Baggage Claim

We finally touch down and arrive in Italy to meet our mysterious benefactor. But it won’t be long before Aiden, Autumn, and Blue are wishing they were anywhere else. Around them, visions of a mysterious blond figure. A repeating number. And a...



episode 31: Meet The Makers: Chris & Johan (Into the Odd)

Justin connects with Chris McDowall and Johan Nohr to learn all about the remastered edition of the critically acclaimed Into The Odd. Into The Odd’s remastered printing will be available online at and your FLGS later in the summer. Follow Chris...


 2022-06-28  42m

episode 30: Kult 05: Prepare to Land

En Route to their vague destination on Flight 191 the trio of Alister, Autumn, and Blue have been separated. Where has Blue gone? Where is this plane going? As the storms outside grow louder, the mystery inside grows deeper. Terrible Warriors is...


 2022-06-21  52m

episode 30: Presenting Tabletop Tuesdays!

Terrible Warriors is teaming up with Dungeons and Do-Gooders to bring a new live stream event to you every Tuesday evening at 8pm EDT.  Each week, Justin Ecock hosts Tabletop Tuesdays. A new one-shot TTRPG every week. Games that are easy to...


 2022-06-14  10m

episode 29: Kult 04: Interlude

We break out of character and check in with our group. Dr. Callus and Autumn and Blue might be trapped beyond our reach but our players are right here at the table. How have they been enjoying Kult? What do they hope and fear for the future? GM Mitch...


 2022-05-31  23m

episode 28: Kult 03: Chicken or Fish

Flight 191 continues on its course to Italy. Or does it? Aiden Callus confronts the memories of his past. Or does he? Autumn tries to find rest, but will she? And I would like to tell you that Blue remains safe for the entire hour but that, dear...


 2022-05-20  1h12m

episode 27: Kult 02: Takeoff

As our three seekers board Flight 191 they are each given a vision as they each wonder where they are heading and why they were sent these tickets...  This is Kult: Divinity Lost. Terrible Warriors is supported by listeners like you, to learn...


 2022-04-21  55m

episode 26: Kult 01: Boarding Passes

Your life is a veil built to hide The Truth. Three souls have already glimpse a moment of Truth and their lives have been shattered. Somewhere, someone has sent them three plane tickets that will take them to the other side of the world. They seek...


 2022-04-08  57m