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Ma’MaQueen from Drag Race Holland Season One Interviewed on GeOuweHoer (OverWhored)

We are so proud of this in depth interview with this groundbreaking phenomenal queen known as Ma'MaQueen. We got to talk with her about her unique perspective on gender identity, and how she want to achieve a literal pregnancy and believes it's possible! Her artistic vision is explored as is her fashion sense and favorite designers and artists. We learn about MaMaQueen's many alter egos and how they are integrated into her drag and her life. Of course we discuss her controversial split personality runway and the transcendent episode where she dressed her father in drag... and made him pregnant! Ma'MaQueen spares nobody's feelings when sharing her opinions on de jerk as well. So much here. This is a great interview of a really incredibly fantastic queen. Words don't suffice.

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 2020-11-20  59m