Kinboytalks ist ein afrodeutscher Podcast, der sich mit Themen der heutigen Gesellschaft (insbesondere der schwarzen diasporischen Community) befasst und mit Hilfe von anderen BiPOcs und Allies einen Dialog führt, um so verschiedene Sichtweisen zu erhalten. Kinboytalks ist unapologetic und unfiltered! Sei gern dabei, wenn Facts gesprochen werden!


episode 1: The journey of „watering your crown“ with and by Sunshinegoldenchild

I guess we’re officially back with a brand new episode on my podcast! So when I came across Sunny‘s IG page for the first time I was in awe in a way you could not imagine. I received so much energy and positive vibes by only seeing her work. A couple months later we made it to a collab on my podcast talking about (female) empowerment, her journey of „watering your crown“ which is also the title of her book and the letter to herself and daughter. Listen to our convo and get to know Sunny and her sister circle that you may wanna join later on!


 2020-11-26  39m