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episode 384: Rewind The Days Of Youth With Our Computor Hearts In This Whole New Internet Game | Dirty Disco 384

In Dirty Disco 384 we are rewinding the days of youth with our computor hearts in this whole new internet game. Exactly like I did in last week’s episode where we had a vision on small moments in lockdown paradise the title refers to some of the musical elements in this music show episode.

The title refers to some releases in the selection where I combined EP, album and track names to make a full sentence that somehow connects with our musical vision and philosophy and the overall emotional vibe in the current show.

Route 8 – Rewind The Days Of YouthDMX Krew – Computor HeartMark Hawkins – Whole New Internet Game

Rewind The Days Of Youth With Our Computor Hearts In This Whole New Internet Game.

So give you a bit of understanding “Rewind The Days of Youth” is the new and debut album by Hungarian DJ and producer Route 8 which almost never came out and I will explain why in the podcast. Computor Hearts is the new EP from DMX Krew released on Breakin’ Records. And “Whole New Internet Game” is the latest outing by Mark Hawkings on Houndstooth.

All of these are very worthwhile listening. But clearly there is so much more great new music in this selection. To see what tracks I listed and mixed together into a beautiful mix session you can check out the full tracklist on the bottom of this page. To experience the full listening experience including the music reviews just tune in and enjoy the show.

Agoria Ft Scalde – For One Hour RemixesThundercat FT Ty Dolla $ign & Lil B – Fair Chance (Floating Points Remix)Rawdio – Home (ColorJaxx Remix)

Dirty Disco 384 contents.

Every week I bring a new show that always features a lot of new music. Behind the music there is so much to tell. To give you an idea of what’s going on in this Dirty Disco 384 episode here are the main elements.

* 21 new tracks curated with one house classic from 2013 remixed into a new version. All ranging from 108 BPM to 126 BPM in a 2 hour hot mix.* Among the selected tracks are 3 new albums. 1 Artist album by Route 8, and 2 various artists albums by well established electronic music labels: Shall Not Fade and Monologues Records.* This mix selection includes 9 promo releases that are on the time of publishing this blogpost not yet available and still forthcoming.* 15 tracks are next to digital formats also available as dope 12 inches. And 7 of them even as a double 12 inch (2×12”) vinyls.* In the tracklist you’ll find 3 remixes by Fort Romeau, ColorJaxx and Floating Points on originals by: Agoria, Rawdio and Thundercat Ft Ty Dolla $ign & Lil B.* The whole mix is always available online as a DJ (no presentation) version for Select supporters of Dirty Disco. More information can be found here.* Clearly you can listen to the latest shows here on the website and even create your own playlist of shows by using the audio player. But if you want an alternative method of continuous listening to the Dirty Disco music episodes you can check out my livestream here on Mixcloud.

Dirty Disco 384 full tracklist.

Feel free to check out and use the tracklist below to find music you like. If you need help or any assistance in finding music, just


 2020-11-30  2h9m