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episode 13: Season Finale - Paradox Podcast - The Business of Video Games

Welcome back to this year’s last episode of the Paradox Podcast!
Today we’re joined by two special guests: Larian Studios’ Director of Publishing; Michael Douse & Stealth Games Venture’s founder Helen Burnill!
Together with Paradox’s own Shams Jorjani, they’ll attempt to put a lid on the year 2020 and summarize all the crazy and key events that happened in the games industry, or affected it, this year. 

On today’s agenda:
Digital & physical events in 2020 & in the future
How mainstream are video games now?
New consoles generation release
How did the games industry handle COVID-19 this year?
Will things return to normal after the pandemic?
Should we bundle vaccines with hot video games?
What’s happening with VR?
Our predictions for 2021
When will people put video games at the beginning of their Tinder bios?
And more

Introduction & our guests– 0:15 
What we’ve been playing – 2:02 
Summary of the year with Michael Douse & Helen Burnill - 6:34 
Our predictions for 2021 – 33:09
Wrapping up – 43:36

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Thanks for listening, and see you all next year!

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 2020-12-23  44m