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Strange Brew is a Canadian comedy, crime, horror and conspiracy podcast. If you love anything bizarre and unusual, from aliens to serial killers.You'll feel right at home with Strange Brew's hosts Tomcat and Billy Kirby. Join them on strange journeys with their many different Guests, as they drink and discuss the Creepy and weird sides of Life. Crack a cold Canadian Beer and get Ready Because... It's about to get Strange!


episode 162: Population Control!

Population Control!....  people may makes jokes and sarcastic remarks but their is definitely many conspiracy theories out there ,with many different plots to eradicate the population, from UN population purges to race wars to secret government documents planning to seize the food supply. What happens when the world runs out of resources?  and is the government slowly killing off a percentage of the human race so they can sustain their lavish lifestyles of greed and gluttony. 


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 2021-01-17  1h21m