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The last word in podcasting news... every Thursday in Podland, James Cridland from Podnews in Australia and Sam Sethi, from Sam Talks Technology in the UK, join forces to review and analyse some of the weeks top podcasting news from around the world. They also interview some of the biggest names making the news. This podcast is sponsored by Buzzsprout and Riverside FM.



episode 7: Clubcasting, TwitterSpaces, Dynamic Content Insertion and Interviews with, Buzzsprout, Adelicious.FM and BBC World Service. [transcript]

James and Sam talk about the possibility of using Clubhouse to conduct interviews with a live audience and record the room to use later for podcasting.  Could "Clubcasting" be the future of podcasting?

Sam talks with Wayne Cheong from PodFest Asia in Clubhouse, to workout how to record a room. (please note: recording a room without the participant's knowledge is against the TOS and could get you banned.)

James and Sam also talk about the forthcoming Twitterspaces and which platform would be better for podcasters? 

James talks with Buzzsprout's Kevin Finn about the launch of their new Dynamic Content Insertion tool now available to all Buzzsprout customers.

James and Sam talk about when Apple+ might launch for exclusive podcast content and will they turn on micropayments for podcasting? Amazon and Google could follow suit but how could Spotify respond?

James talks with Jon Manel from BBC World Service and Paula Rogo, co-founder, Africa Podfest, about the launch of the BBC World Service International Podcast competition

Sam talks to  Adelicous.fm co-founder's Pascal Hughes and  David McGuire about the launch of their bespoke advertising service for podcasters. 

  •  Stories and all related links mentioned in this podcast where taken from Podnews.net 
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 2021-01-14  41m