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"A Midlife Less Ordinary" is the not so series guide to being cool older dudes by two middle-aged British guys "Wayne & Trev" Who have decided to take midlife on by encouraging others to make the most of their lives. This genuine and humorous podcast is accessible to all and features a variety of topics presented in an easy to digest format.Season 1 featured the guys going on a nostalgic trip and approached a few masculine topics such as beard clubs, growing beards, grooming and exercising. Season 2 has a more broader appeal as the guys invite expert hobbyist's onto the show who showcase their pastimes and offer advice whilst other episodes focus on up and coming musicians and artists and showcase their talents and how we can all enjoy their work. Whatever the subject is, as others have found, you will have a good time with Wayne & Trev, new episodes every Sunday.



episode 3: Male Grooming - To Dye Or Not To Dye! [transcript]

Date: 24th January 2021

Name of show: A Midlife Less Ordinary

Episode title and number: To Dye Or Not To Dye

Se1 Ep3

 Brief summary of show:

 Wayne & Trev embark upon a discussion that is close to their heart and explore the often emotional subject of mens hair and what tends to happen to it as we age.

  Not afraid to tell it as it is, the guys talk of their own struggles with hair loss and going grey and how it has effected them. Ultimately, as always they will be concluding what is cool and what is not in the quest to look and feel good with your hair as a middle aged guy.

 Bullet points of key topics & time stamps:

 ●Trev: 5:27 

Because obviously, I've always been into sort of rock music and that kind of thing. And I've always had, I always had long hair. I had it cut, because obviously, I didn't get bullied in school for it. But you know, if it was good, if the kids are wicked, nice, they take the Mickey so. So the hair was things I cut it, and then obviously, grew it back long. 

 ●Trev: 24:09 

You know, obviously we probably have a very limited amount of ladies listening to this, but I've got no problem with telling a lady if she smells nice.

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  • Check out the king of mullet Brian Bosworth on IMDB 

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 2021-01-24  48m