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"A Midlife Less Ordinary" is the not so series guide to being cool older dudes by two middle-aged British guys "Wayne & Trev" Who have decided to take midlife on by encouraging others to make the most of their lives. This genuine and humorous podcast is accessible to all and features a variety of topics presented in an easy to digest format.Season 1 featured the guys going on a nostalgic trip and approached a few masculine topics such as beard clubs, growing beards, grooming and exercising. Season 2 has a more broader appeal as the guys invite expert hobbyist's onto the show who showcase their pastimes and offer advice whilst other episodes focus on up and coming musicians and artists and showcase their talents and how we can all enjoy their work. Whatever the subject is, as others have found, you will have a good time with Wayne & Trev, new episodes every Sunday.



episode 5: Bearded Villains - Interview With A Villain [transcript]

Date: 10th January 2021

Name of show: A Midlife Less Ordinary

Episode title and number: Se1Ep5 – Interview With A Villain

Brief summary of show:

After last week’s episode all about beards and their history with tips from Trev on how to grow a stonker of a beard, we shift the focus onto what some guys with suitable beards get up to in the various beard clubs around the world.

The title “Interview With A Villain” relates to the world’s biggest beard club “The Bearded Villains” of which Trev is a member and proud co-captain. Here Trev busts some of the myths surrounding beard clubs and all the good work they do for charity. Trev touches on the bond and brotherhood that the members feel for each other and the social life they enjoy whilst being members. 

So if you took Trev’s advice in the last episode and have started on your journey to a showcase beard, let Trev inform you on how to expand your social life and join a beard club.

Bullet points of key topics & time stamps:

·       Trev: 3:53 

Again, all of a sudden, in the last four or five years, beards have become very fashionable. And then you've got TV shows on Sons of Anarchy that have really kind of made that kind of lifestyle. Kind of very household people, you know, for something that was quite underground. It does kind of is a lot more invoke now.


·       Trevor Deeley: 23:40 

We have a quite a few guys that have been in the services that have joined up. And as I as I said before, earlier on in this conversation, there's a lot of different people in different walks of life. There's policeman, there's army guys, there's security guys, every walk of life ever, which is good, because it gives, you know, because obviously, we raised money that has to be looked after.


·       Trevor Deeley: 25:40 

·       age doesn't really come into it. per se, I'm really good friends with all the guys and yeah, I'm not even looked at. And again, you get that kind of older uncle figure. 

Show Links:

·       The Bearded Villains https://www.beardedvillains.com/

·       The British Beard Club https://thebritishbeardclub.org/

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