Cleared Hot

It is safe to say that I have wandered a bit. I served in the military, flew some jets, jumped out of most, climbed mountains (I jumped off of them too), taught fitness, owned a gym, and have spent the last few years speaking to organizations and leaders. It has been a journey, and in all honesty, I have no idea where it is going. I seek the things that make me uncomfortable. I move towards things that scare me. I think you should too


Full Auto Friday - Round 41

Rapid-fire Q and A submitted from the listeners! A variety of topics with a five-minute time cap per answer.

1. The most bizarre transitions I have seen SOF members make into civilian life

2. Mistakes - those that I made in my career and what I learned from them

3. All things aviation. My personal journey and experience, and why I never talk about flying

4. My ankle is destroyed, but I still want to start BJJ, what should I do

5. My sister has a boyfriend who is disrespectful and ungrateful, what should I do