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Pod4Ham 14: I'm a General. Whee!!!!

Things are getting tough in the Revolution, and General Charles Lee becomes a problem.

Host Andy Ihnatko with Marko Savic, Ashlee Clark Thompson, Casey Barber and Scott Knaster

Referenced Works Hamilton [Amazon] Show Notes & Links

This week’s panelists:

  • Ashlee Clark Thompson is a senior associate editor at CNET and author of the book “Louisville Diners.” She’s @ashleeeats on Twitter.

  • Casey Barber is a food writer and photographer, and the creator of Hamiltines on Etsy. She’s @goodfoodstories on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Marko Savic is the cofounder of FunnelCake. He’s @markosavic on Twitter.

  • Scott Knaster is a Silicon Valley veteran with stints at Apple and Google, among other places. He’s @scottknaster on Twitter.

"Stay Alive" lyrics (Genius) Tyranny of Style: Costumes of "Hamilton"


 2016-05-06  33m