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Data Driven CX is THE podcast, where you learn all about Data Driven Customer Experience. For leaders in Marketing, CX, Digital, Data, Information and IT who want to learn more on HOW to make use of data to successfully engage with customers and transform CX in their organizations. In this podcast, the fundamentals of Data Driven CX are explored in conversations with industry thought leaders and successful business leaders. You learn trends, industry standards, how to tackle challenges, practical tips and best practices on: 1. Connecting customer data to make better CX decisions; 2. Creating Trusted data by making the process transparent; 3. Experimenting and innovating based on data; 4. Turning data into Actionable insights; 5. Driving Adoption of a data culture and new technologies to support it. The host of this Informatica podcast is Nienke Bloem CCXP, global expert in CX who interviews thought leaders, experts, and business partners, to dive into the world of data driven CX.


episode 3: With Guest Peter Ku, Industry Strategist at Informatica

In this episode we shine a spotlight on CX in the Financial Services and Insurance industry. We meet Peter Ku, Industry Strategist at Informatica, as he discusses digitalization in FSI, common data issues, and what you can do to make sure your data becomes fit for use and can drive the right customer experiences. 

The pandemic has accelerated digitalization in the Financial Services and Insurance industry. As organizations invest in digital experience including replacing and modernizing core systems, data issues come to the surface. And when customer experience is critical to remaining competitive and creating customer loyalty, data challenges can prevent organizations from achieving these key business outcomes. 

Informatica has a long history of working with customers in the FSI sector and in this episode of the Data Driven CX podcast series Peter Ku, Industry Strategist, gives examples of how Informatica’s solutions address key data requirements and challenges. 

Questions to consider are for example:

  • Is the data available to the people who need it?
  • Is it clean and trustworthy?
  • Is it complete enough to be actionable?
  • Is it protected and secured?

It is about creating a customer centric view of the business, not a policy centric or an account centric one. Great customer experiences require a view of the customer even across different lines of business. 

We end this episode by giving some very practical advice on the actions you can take today to make sure you will have data that is fit for use in your business and for your customer experience.

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 2021-04-01  34m