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Data Driven CX is THE podcast, where you learn all about Data Driven Customer Experience. For leaders in Marketing, CX, Digital, Data, Information and IT who want to learn more on HOW to make use of data to successfully engage with customers and transform CX in their organizations. In this podcast, the fundamentals of Data Driven CX are explored in conversations with industry thought leaders and successful business leaders. You learn trends, industry standards, how to tackle challenges, practical tips and best practices on: 1. Connecting customer data to make better CX decisions; 2. Creating Trusted data by making the process transparent; 3. Experimenting and innovating based on data; 4. Turning data into Actionable insights; 5. Driving Adoption of a data culture and new technologies to support it. The host of this Informatica podcast is Nienke Bloem CCXP, global expert in CX who interviews thought leaders, experts, and business partners, to dive into the world of data driven CX.


episode 4: With Guest Gene Cornfield, Managing Director and Experience Transformation Lead at Accenture Interactive (Part 1)

This episode features part one of a conversation with Gene Cornfield at Accenture. We will get an introduction to the concept of business of experience and how this relates to customer experience, and we will discuss transition versus transformation. Gene will challenge our thinking on customer journeys and explain CPIs – Customer Performance Indicators. 

Huge investments are being made into digital transformation including CX, however, CEOs do not see significant value. They are looking for growth and only one thing drives growth: customers. So why would investments in CX not drive value? The answer, explains Gene Cornfield, Managing Director and Experience Transformation Lead at Accenture Interactive, in this episode of Data Driven CX, lies in the lack of attention to mind set.

We are applying new tool sets, and we develop new skill sets in our organizations. But if we are not shifting our mind set, we will only achieve transition, not real transformation of the kind that can hugely impact our revenues and growth. 

We need to rewire how we think and operate, use data and AI to tailor experiences, use technology to do it at scale, and truly become customer obsessed at scale.

A key question is: How do your customers react and feel when trying to achieve a purpose that is important to them? Business of experience is about optimizing your customers ability to achieve their purpose. It is larger than optimizing customer touchpoints to sell products or services. 

Finally, Gene and Nienke challenge the way some companies define their ‘customer journeys’ and provide a point of view on what is important when designing these.

Some resources to learn more:

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Harvard Business Review article: The Most Important Metrics You’re Not Tracking (Yet) by Gene Cornfield

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 2021-04-08  32m