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Getting answers to your questions has become increasingly easy. But Google still cannot give you the confidence and motivation you need as you set out on your startup journey. At A Cup of Capital, I talk to people who have experience on specific subjects and discover the answers to questions that keep you, dear entrepreneur, up at night. Don't have a specific question? Listen to experts to find the motivation or simply stay informed.



episode 1: Tracking your SaaS Metrics and Assessing your Team for VC, with Florent-Aurélien Couturier-Crouzillac

In this podcast, we also talk about:

  • His investment thesis as part of the Growth Equity team at DTCP
  • Specific types of B2B SaaS model based on pricing, users, and other factors, and how to pick the perfect model for your business (tip: it depends on your target customers)
  • Optimal pricing approach for your product
  • Most important metrics that Florent, as an investor, looks at to determine whether the company is a good investment (ARR, ARR growth)
  • What pre-IPO company metrics should look like and reasons why they might fall below the ideal levels (capital efficiency, sales, and marketing efficiency, i.e., magic numbers, ACV) and how he prioritizes them
  • Does a high ACV work in your favor and a low ACV against you? ACV implications in terms of go-to-market strategy and your sales teams
  • His expectations in terms of how your team looks like at this stage, and the need for founders to analyze their team at regular intervals

Link to Florent’s LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/in/raimbowsend/ 


 2021-04-06  28m