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episode 387: Matt Luongo: tBTC – Bringing Trustless Bitcoin to Ethereum

The ability to move Bitcoin on other chains isn't a new idea, and many are trying to overcome the technical limitations which make this a technically challenging feat. The latest representation of Bitcoin on Ethereum is tBTC, a fully-backed ERC-20 token representing bitcoin collateral. tBTC is fully decentralized and relies on Keep Network, a decentralized multi-party computation which enables cross-chain bridging. 

We were joined by Matt Luongo, CEO of Thesis (the team behind tBTC and Keep Network) to chat about the tBTC technology, his vision for the future of interoperability and value propositions of different chains.

Topics covered in this episode:

- Matt's background - how he got into crypto and his experience in the space
- The Keep Network - dencetralized multi-party computations
- Why trustless minting of tBTC is important
- tBTC and its security model
- Dark DAOs and vote buying
- The merge between Keep Network and NuCypher
- What other mergers are being looked at for the future
- Matt's views on the idea of BTC existing as tokenized asset on Ethereum and other chains

Episode links: 

- [Thesis](https://thesis.co/)
- [Keep](https://keep.network/)
- [tBTC](https://tbtc.network/)
- [Keep Discord](https://discord.com/invite/wYezN7v)
- [Thesis on Twitter](https://twitter.com/thesis_co)
- [Keep on Twitter](https://twitter.com/keep_project)

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This episode is hosted by Sebastien Couture & Friederike Ernst. Show notes and listening options: [epicenter.tv/387](https://epicenter.tv/387)


 2021-04-14  1h1m