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Interview: Andrew Borman (Strong Museum of Play, PtoPOnline)

The Strong Museum of Play's digital games curator Andrew Borman describes his deep passion for uncovering and preserving cancelled, unreleased, and prototype games. This is so much more than a vocation for him, and here you get to hear all the stories and insights he shared with me when I interviewed him for the season 4 finale, The Ghosts of Games That Never Were.

Highlights include the stories behind cancelled Halo and Elder Scrolls games, an unreleased version of Until Dawn, an early version of Resident Evil 2, and some in-depth discussion about the significance of finding and sharing these stories. We also talk a bit about Andrew's work at The Strong and the amazing power and value of institutional backing in games preservation.

Interview conducted January 14th, 2021.

Links (many of these go to YouTube):

  • I can't find a surviving archive of Andrew's Resident Evil 1.5 post, but here's a great Eurogamer article about the game and the community quest to preserve it
  • The Strong Museum of Play
  • Research fellowships at The Strong
  • This page on The Tomb of Ash has info, screenshots, and download links for Core Design's cancelled Tomb Raider 10th Anniversary Edition
  • Episode 31 of this show also included a segment on said 10th Anniversary Edition
  • Tomb Raider's video game hall of fame entry
  • Andrew has multiple videos on the Haggar Xbox demo build for a Halo Mega Bloks game. Here's the most recent one. And here's the first one.
  • A video Andrew made about the Sonic Extreme skateboarding/hoverboarding game that turned into the Sonic Extreme we actually got
  • Elder Scrolls Oblivion cancelled PSP game
  • Andrew's Star Wars Battlefront 3 unseen PC footage video
  • Andrew's video on Until Dawn's unreleased PS3 version
  • VICE Gaming/Waypoint has an excellent Halo 1 oral history
  • Manse was mentioned four times in Ambrosia Software's newsletter before its quiet cancellation
  • Here's the Wikipedia page on Captain Comic
  • Andrew's Stargate SG1: The Alliance hub page from his old website has both articles and videos
  • Women in Games exhibit at The Strong
  • Andrew Borman is @borman18 on Twitter
  • I am @MossRC and @LifeandTimesVG on Twitter

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 2021-04-28  58m