The Life & Times of Video Games

An award-nominated documentary and narrative audio series about video games and the video game industry — as they were in the past, and how they came to be the way they are today. History doesn't just vanish into the distance behind us; it casts a very long shadow that affects everything that comes after it, and so with The Life and Times of Video Games journalist and historian Richard Moss draws those through lines to tell fascinating stories about the past that link right back to the present.

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Interview: Kate Willaert

I speak to games historian and graphic designer Kate Willaert about her research and current projects, as well as her efforts to turn this work into a job.


 2021-08-05  1h34m

Flight Control, the simple little iPhone game that helped redefine an industry

It was meant as a fun Christmas project for Rob Murray, but it ended up changing his company's fortunes and leading the way for a new look Australian games industry.


 2021-05-19  43m

Interview: Andrew Borman (Strong Museum of Play, PtoPOnline)

Cancelled/unreleased games, working for a games museum, learning from industry missteps


 2021-04-28  58m

Chris Crawford on thinking in processes vs facts

The GDC founder and veteran designer explains why we need to learn to think in terms of process rather than objects or facts.


 2021-02-24  10m

Ghosts of Games That Never Were

What about the games that never make it to market? Do they have stories worth telling, or lessons worth learning? These are the ghosts of games that never were.


 2021-01-29  42m

Soundbite: Chris Crawford on how to give a great speech

Legendary game designer and master orator Chris Crawford describes his approach to public speaking and gives tips on how everyone can give better speeches.


 2021-01-17  11m

A Christmas gift from meow to you

Given the hellish year we've had in 2020, I thought it'd be fun to close the year with a touch of the form of my cat, interrupting me, and just generally wanting to be podcast famous.


 2020-12-24  11m

Interview: Sam Dyer (Bitmap Books)

I speak to Bitmap Books maestro Sam Dyer about the hows and whys of publishing visually-led, high-spec retro gaming books


 2020-12-22  1h15m

The Dragon Speech, and Chris Crawford's improbable dream

It was "the greatest speech he ever gave in his life", and it marked a turning point in his pursuit of his dream, but it had the note of a eulogy. This is the story of how — and why — the legendary designer Chris Crawford left the games industry


 2020-12-09  41m

Soundbite: Don Daglow on life at Mattel in the early days of the Intellivision

"it sounded like somebody smashing toys, you know, 20 feet from your office. Because they were 20 feet from some of our offices."


 2020-11-26  11m