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episode 183: How to Build a Personal Brand By Getting Free Media

Welcome to Part I of how to receive free PR for your business! We're going to be talking about why it's crucial that you learn how to get free PR for your business and dive into the mindset blocks that keep women business owners from becoming visible. In addition, you'll find out why you don't need to hire a PR firm. 


Why Should My Business Create a PR Campaign?


A big issue that many of you have is that no one knows who the hell you are. And if no one knows who the hell you are, you can't close, or you can complete, but it's going to be way more complicated.


Think of your PR campaign as a way of building rapport. When you start getting media attention, your expert status skyrockets - it just goes through the damn roof. When people find out that I had a column at Inc, they want to pay me. When they find out that I've been in Forbes and find out that I've been an entrepreneur, they want to pay me.


Listen in to find out how to build a PR campaign by asking yourself key questions, why you don’t need to hire a PR firm, and who to ask for free PR!

In this episode, I dive into how to get free media coverage for your brand, including:

  • Setting Up a PR Strategy to get Free Media
  • Questions to Ask Yourself When Setting up a PR Strategy
  • The importance of Putting a Sales System in Place
  • How Emotional Blocks can Stop PR

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 2021-05-04  18m