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A podcast about the business of video games, by Daniel Goldberg and Shams Jorjani of Paradox Interactive.


episode 4: What is it like to be a Publicly Traded Company - Paradox Podcast - The Business of Video Games

Welcome to the Paradox Podcast! Paradox Interactive podcast about the business of video games where try to explain why we do the stuff we do.

Today, Shams and Daniel are joined by our CFO Alexander Bricca, to discuss the dreaded subject of being a Publicly Traded company. You’ll learn how it’s like to have shareholders, why we decided to become a listed company & what it means in the first place.

Shams also gets an internship offer. Enjoy! 


0:15 - Introduction
2:59 – What we’ve been playing
6:45 – Subject of the day: What’s it like to be Publicly Traded?
8:01 – What does the CFO do?
12:22 – What does being a listed company mean for Paradox?
22:01 – Why would PDX want to be publicly traded?
25:28 – What happened when Paradox became listed?
32:02 – How have shareholders impacted Paradox?
34:36 – Myths about being a publicly traded company.
39:53 – What have we told the market about our future releases?
43:17 – What does being publicly traded mean for PDX employees?
46:20 – Wrapping up

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Thanks for listening, and see you in the next episode, at PDXCON!

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 2021-05-05  46m