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episode 81: Three key factors for making friends in Germany (Nadja from Germany)

Nadja Todt was born and raised in Germany, but spent 11 years abroad. She describes herself as a global citizen, change-maker, international experience expert, community connector and mentor, and a German and English language consultant.

Nadja offers a program called "45 Days to Meaningful Friendships and Connections", and so I asked her to come on the podcast and discuss her insights. Her discussion centers around the what she sees as three central topics of making friendships: knowing yourself, being aware of your communication style, and making deeper connections.

Nadja's links: 

  • 45 Days to Meaningful Friendships and Connections program
  • Survival German with Nadja
  • Nadja on Facebook
  • Nadja on Instagram
  • Nadja on LinkedIn

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