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Life in Germany, as seen through the eyes of outsiders. Featuring the stories of foreigners who moved to Germany - either temporarily or permanently - and tips and advice for life in Germany. Get an inside view of the joys, the frustrations, and the quirks of adapting to the culture and learning German. New episodes every second Wednesday.

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episode 132: Dating, toxic relationships, and making friends in Germany (Lulu from Ireland)

Dating can be a minefield at the best of times. But what happens when you move to a city like Berlin? Lulu Johnson discovered just this when she moved from Ireland to Berlin - and then wrote a book about it! It's called Dating in Berlin and covers her hilarious - and some not so hilarious - misadventures as a foreigner in the German dating scene.  Lulu to discusses dating in Berlin, toxic relationships, making friends, and learning the German language...



episode 131: The diversity trend, Misfit Models, and German bureaucracy when starting a company (Del from the UK)

Just do a Google search for Del Keens, and you will see that he's someone with a unique story. After moving to Germany, he started a character modeling agency called Misfit Models. He joins me as a guest in this episode to discuss why he came to Germany, how he faced German bureaucracy when he started Misfit Models, how he feels that the current diversity focus is a trend, and he talks about the impact Brexit has had on his life...


 2023-04-08  37m

episode 130: Financing property in Germany (with Kerstin Brunner)

Kerstin Brunner is a finance coach, and she comes on the podcast to discuss what goes into buying property in Germany. First we look at how to decide if purchasing a property is right for you. Then we consider the additional costs (notary fee, agent fee, etc.). And she walks us through all the steps, from deciding you want to buy through to getting the keys.

If you have questions for Kerstin, you can find her on LinkedIn...


 2023-03-31  55m

episode 129: Life in Germany as a gay woman (Kim from the UK)

Kim from the UK explains what life is like in Germany for her as a gay woman. She also discusses the difficulties of finding a community in smaller cities and towns...


 2023-03-08  43m

episode 128: How German are you? (Nina from Germany)

The Germany Experience is back with a repost from Shaun's other podcast, Everyday Germany. Nina joins Shaun to see which one of them is more German...


 2023-03-01  50m

4GEPADFO charity drive update, and when The Germany Experience will be back

Shaun gives an update on 4GEPADFO (spoiler: we made our 500€ goal!). But you can still donate to this great cause (a hotline providing psychosocial support for Ukrainian children and youths:

Donate to krisenchat

Listen to Shaun's new English podcast with Nina about life in Germany:


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 2023-01-04  4m

episode 125: Getting ready to leave Germany (Nicole from The Expat Cast)

Nicole joins me this week to discuss some big changes in her life – she's leaving Germany. In this episode, she explains what's happening and why she's making the move...


 2022-12-22  47m

House hunting, finding day care, and handling rough starts (Wafeeqa from Saudi Arabia)

When Wafeeqa and her family moved to Germany, they thought things would be easier: her husband had a job, and his employer was arranging accommodation for them. Plus, they both had experience with learning languages, so they thought maybe German wouldn't be too much of a challenge. But as is so often the case, things didn't go according to plan...

Wafeeqa discusses finding a place to live, finding daycare for her twins, trying not to disturb neighbors, and more...


 2022-12-02  48m

episode 123: Using hypnosis to help foreigners in Germany (Suzanne Dinter from the UK)

Suzanne Dinter joins me this week to explain what hypnotherapy is, and how it can help foreigners adjust to life in Germany - among other issues. Suzanne is a Brit who has been living in Germany since 1994, and she specializes in helping overwhelmed international, high-achieving women feel calm, confident, and like themselves again after moving abroad. She does this quickly, effectively, and with long-lasting results using hypnosis...


 2022-11-09  52m

episode 122: Hidden grief, loss of identity, and getting to know the German version of a loved one (Katie Rössler from the USA)

Katie Rössler, author of The New Face of Grief, comes on the podcast to discuss the role that hidden grief might play in the lives of foreigners in a new country. She also discusses the toll a move to a new country can take on a couple. And of course, she offers advice of how to navigate these difficult issues...


 2022-10-19  48m