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The Jam Drones on and On

Dumb Tech of the Week


  • You can drill a keyring hole in Apple's AirTags (but you probably shouldn't)
  • Today I learned that card grading companies are drowning in Pokémon cards


Tech News Bytes


  • Kroger begins testing drone deliveries for baby products and s’mores
  • Microsoft follows Epic’s lead, lowers its cut of PC game sales to 12%
  • Sony Invests in Discord, Full Integration Coming to PS5, PS4 Next Year
  • Deepfake satellite imagery poses a not-so-distant threat, warn geographers
  • Broadcasters Are Moving Forward in Their Case Against Locast
  • World's largest compressed air grid "batteries" will store up to 10GWh  (Explanation Video)

Story of the Week


  • Fitness Drones are Coming, if Investors Can Get all the Kinks Out

Tech on LifeSupport


  • Verizon sells AOL and Yahoo for about half of what it paid




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 2021-05-06  50m