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Diecast #342.5: Shamusless Videogames

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Hosts: Paul, Anna. Episode edited by Paul.

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Anna and Paul are doing this episode because…

00:00 Shamus is in Hospital
Shamus got a high score on the blood pressure machine and won a no-expenses-paid trip to the emergency room. Please donate to his paypal to help cover the costs. He would never ask you to do this, but he’s not writing this post.

00:53 Video game history

04:06 Hollow Knight

05:55 Ori and the Blind Forest

07:30 Hob

10:25 The Witness

12:03 Minecraft

13:38 Hammerfight

15:03 SpaceChem

16:43 Slime Rancher

19:28 Chime

21:36 Anna is terrible

23:10 Shovel Knight

23:29 Good Robot

27:04 Don’t Starve

29:33 Starbound

33:38 Rimworld

37:31 Oxygen Not Included

40:22 Planetary Annihilation and Warcraft

44:12 Creeper World 3

46:32 Stardew Valley

50:52 Mindustry

52:49 Satisfactory

56:55 Valheim

1:06:35 Wrapping up

1:07:09 No Outro


 2021-05-10  n/a