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Hysteria 51 is a weekly podcast that takes an every-man approach to the World of the Weird - UFOs, Aliens, Mysteries, the Paranormal, the Unusual, and the Unexplained. Hosts John Goforth, Brent Hand, and Conspiracy Bot (a cranky robot bent on world domination who also happens to be the show’s head researcher) examine a different topic each week and generally come to one conclusion…the truth is out there, but you won’t find it here.



Switcheroo: The Mad Scientist and Time Travel Part 1: The Illusion

Switcheroo this week as The Mad Scientist Podcast takes over!

This episode they talk about the philosophy and math behind the concept of time. What IS time? How do we measure it? How did that idea develop? And how will that lay the groundwork for time travel?

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 2021-05-13  43m