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episode 32: WTKA Roundtable 5/13/2021: Statue, Icon, or Bust

Things discussed in Part 1:

  • Mo Linguist: understand why he took the job.
  • Steve Clinkscale: Why didn’t Michigan hire him when they got Shoop? Sam: no title.
  • Clink is the kind who can survive a staff turnover, has remained loyal to the places he’s coached, could be a lifer if he becomes DC.
  • Why did Michigan dangle a co-DC title?
  • Craig takes us off the rails to 2007-2008.

Thing discussed in Part 2:

  • Anderson Report findings, how has the University done so far?
  • Takeaways: It’s about the victims, and creating a culture where abuse can’t exist.
  • Brian: Not surprising a man of Schembechler’s time and place acted how he did; that doesn’t excuse it.
  • Sam asks how this compares to PSU/MSU scandals. Our answer is not to compare them: Michigan fans should be focused on recognizing what happened here, what we can do for the victims. This isn’t a rivalry.
  • Sam asks how this compares to naming a building for Yost: What’s the standard for renaming buildings. Seth: The standard should be what the victims need it to be.
  • Seth: Build busts not statues. Michigan shouldn’t memory hole Bo: They should put up a plaque in the museum—or if they keep the statue, next to the statue—that explains what happened. History is history.


 2021-05-13  54m