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Dave Jackson has been helping people launch podcasts since 2005 and every Saturday he is joined by Jim Collison to is runs the Average Guy Network. Together they have 20 years of podcasting experience and coaching.


episode 343: Apple's Podcasting Tools Are STILL Not Working

After fielding questions all week about why episodes weren't showing in Apple, Dave is a little frazzled and impatient for Apple to get this fixed. 


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05:46 Mark's Podcast - Resourceful Designer
06:00 Power Rant: Apple is Still Broken
13:10 Spotify Removal
13:50 Twitter Spaces and Audio Tweets
18:05 Spotify to Facebook Tool
18:55 Two Feeds - Issue?
25:22 Relaunching with Kajabi
33:49 How to Make a Decision
34:50 Podpage - Episode Signature
37:35 EMR Decision Making
40:08 Podcasters Hate Spammers
45:01 Alan Alda - Teaches Mike Farrell How to Subscribe
46:27 Dave and Jim Podcasting at Age 90

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 2021-05-08  52m