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episode 193: Alexa, Play The Podcast

OMG Audacity was acquired, clarifying more about the Apple Podcasts summary tag, how to get promoted on Amazon Music, podcasting music history, testing a new voice feedback service, stats, geographic and user agent and folks listening to this, we have a segment where we speak to your Amazon smart speaker — over and over and over — so please make sure you’re wearing headphones!


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Quick Episode Summary
  • :13 Intro
  • 2:58 PROMO 1: Your Brain on Facts
  • 3:28 Rob and Elsie Conversation
  • Talking about the Apple Podcasts summary tag and why you should no longer use it
  • Audacity was acquired! WUT?
  • Apple Podcasts has been working around the clock to get the issues cleaned up!
  • Getting a new Apple ID to log into Apple Podcasts Connect
  • A service for your listeners to get your podcast delivered via email - it’s called Blogtrottr
  • 14:44 What do you need to know about podcasting privacy? Audio feedback from Stacy
  • Shout-out to
  • Started publishing episodes 2 times a week and podcast downloads went down by a lot - help?
  • 25:30 PROMO 2: Legends From The Pacific
  • How to get your show promoted on the Amazon Music service!
  • Elsie and Rob might turn on your Alexa as they talk through asking Alexa to play a podcast
  • How to figure out how many plays or downloads are coming from the Libsyn player on the website
  • 33:47 Does libsyn also offer website hosting? Audio feedback from Chaplain Jared
  • Spotify adds timestamped podcast sharing!
  • 41:27 A bit of music in podcasting history - audio feedback from Jason
  • Sometimes seasons make podcast episodes disappear
  • Best tweet of the week!
  • Worst email of the week
  • 54:10 PROMO 3: Louisville Cycling Podcast
  • Stats! Geographic and user agent
  • Where have we been? In A Few Minutes and Podcasting for Coaches
  • Where are we going? We Are Podcasts, Libsyn Meet-up and Libsyn Webinars
Featured Podcast Promos + Audio
  • PROMO 1: Your Brain On Facts
  • PROMO 2: Legends From The Pacific
  • PROMO 3: Louisville Cycling Podcast
  • Stacy from Diabetes Connection
  • Chaplain Jared from The Christian Meditation Podcast
  • Jason from from Radio BSOTS

Thank you to Nick from MicMe for our awesome intro!

Podcasting Articles and Links mentioned by Rob and Elsie

  • Leave us voice feedback!
  • Audacity has been acquired by Muse Group, which also owns MuseScore and Ultimate Guitar
  • Blogtrottr
  • Amazon Music Podcasts Listen On Amazon Music Buttons
  • Spotify adds timestamped podcast sharing and other social features
  • CC Mixter
  • Best tweet of the week from And Now We Drink
  • Rob on Ken Ray’s In A Few Minutes
  • 107: Getting to Know Libsyn 5 and with Elsie Escobar - from Podcasting For Coaches
  • Libsyn 5 Update! Webinar
  • Podcast Episode Notes Deep Dive Meet-up
  • DEI For Podcasters Audience Value and Growth

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 2021-05-18  1h9m