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episode 267: 267 Re-certified for IAB metrics V2.1 and Ways To Name and Number Your Episodes

Re-certified for IAB metrics to V2.1, discussing the State of Podcast Agencies, talk about the best naming conventions, the power of shout-outs and how to make Apple Podcasts better. Plus, stats, the lastest geographic and user agent download data,...



episode 266: 266 iOS 18 Notes App Rumors, Podcasting Gear Talk and the Future of Podcast Success Measurement

Takeaways from NAB in Las Vegas. What if your feed is capped? Or is it? We've got answers. New audio-centric social media platform, Air Chat. Is CPM the problem in podcasting? A bit about the Shure MoveMic and the updated MV7+. Some great updates to...



episode 265: 265 Apple Podcasts Search Update, Marketing Your Podcast With Transcripts Plus Podcast Data And Trends

No more Google Podcasts? George Carlin's estate reaches settlement after AI Podcast, marketing your episodes with Apple Podcasts and the new transcripts feature! Two soapboxes ???? Rob on Bill Maher refusing to stop the smoke for Steve-O, and Elsie's,...


 April 9, 2024  1h15m

episode 264: 264 Optimizing For Podcast Discovery, Uploading Your Transcripts & The Shure MoveMic

You can now upload your own transcripts to Libsyn 5! The amazing new Shure MoveMic, Libsyn teams up with Bunny Studio! How can really help you market your podcast. FYI Having keywords in your description, no matter how many times won't be...


 March 26, 2024  1h15m

episode 263: 263 Creative Marketing Unleashed and iOS 17's Impact on Podcasting

We cover the release of IAB Podcast Metrics V2.2 for public comment; using community volunteers for human-assisted transcripts and addressing common transcription questions; Elsie's thoughts on the risks of "magically replying" on social media; Rob's...


 March 5, 2024  1h19m

episode 262: 262 Protecting Your Podcast Brand, Effective Podcast Advertising and Programmatic Challenges Explored

Hit skip or hit subscribe? The dilemma of podcast ads, explored from both sides of the microphone; what is podcast x-ray and why do you need it? The impact of podcast fame, podcast business and controversial guests is it destroying podcasting? Let's...


 February 20, 2024  1h10m

episode 261: 261 Apple Podcasts Transcript Updates and Stepping Down From Podcast Leadership

Rob and Elsie dive into the world of podcast transcripts, covering everything from Apple Podcasts' new automatic transcription feature to the best practices for creating and using custom transcripts. They also discuss recent developments in the...


 February 6, 2024  1h7m

episode 260: 260 Exploring Podcast Rankings, Network Negotiations and Listener Education

How to determine your ranking compared to other podcasts and our perspective on it. The optimal methods for utilizing third-party and first-party podcast statistics. The crucial questions you should pose when considering a partnership with a podcast...


 January 23, 2024  54m

episode 259: 259 The Growth of Podcast Advertising And Podcast Marketing Real Talk

It's the new year, and that means new public domain works are available! Time to update the copyright for your podcast's RSS feed, preparing for the influx of new advertisers entering the world of podcasting in 2024. Google Search now featuring...


 January 9, 2024  1h16m

episode 258: 258 Free Speech and 2024 Podcast Predictions Begin

All the predictions discussion for 2024, including how the election year and podcast advertising intersect and expectations about social media podcast marketing and growth. A free speech soapbox from Rob; from RSS to newsletters; he video to podcast...


 December 19, 2023  1h13m