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episode 157: I Stand For Pethics

Sending congrats and discussing Apple’s top podcasts of 2019, why podcasts are headed for disaster, pre-fixes on Libsyn, the coalition to expand RSS, mean and median stats and so much more, including soapboxes from both Rob and Elsie! Audience...



episode 156: Spotify Passthrough Update and Other Things

We discuss the Apple email sent in mid November, deconstructing the email that we (Libsyn) sent out to make sure you get all the must know info! BIG thoughts on how to use consumption rate data, demographic vs psychographic info, teaser promos, show...



episode 155: The Issue Is Privacy And Podcasting With a Slice of Birthday Cake

We celebrate Libsyn’s 15th bday! Spotify stats passthrough update, more information on guests and hosts features in Apple Podcasts, as well as how to prepare for Apple Podcasts during our upcoming end of year season, a massive Rob soapbox on privacy...


 2019-11-10  1h2m

episode 154: Invite To Celebrate And Setting The Podcasting History Record Straight

Help us celebrate our 15th year anniversary! An invite to be part of our beta for our mobile publishing app (all details in the shownotes.) Apple research enhancements including discovering topics and people. PLUS, show and episode pages display...


 2019-10-27  59m

episode 153: Talking About Religion and Politics

International Podcast Day recap and Libsyn’s latest Q3 growth results, the death of Podcoin, a great resource for recording remote episodes, podcasting words of wisdom for college students, how to count your subscribers, all kinds of new stuff from...


 2019-10-06  1h6m

152 Trademarking Taco Tuesday

Covering: trademarking Taco Tuesday, plagiarism revisited, remote interview tips, design best practices for your artwork in Apple Podcasts, sealing with explicit content, best practices for using copyrighted music, more insight into IAB vs Uniques,...


 2019-09-15  1h29m

episode 151: Apple Podcasts Meta Data Best Practices and Are You Ready For Premium Content?

We begin by addressing whether or not podcasting has a plagiarism problem, podcast hosts not providing a 301 redirect, when you are ready to start offering premium content, the latest RODEcaster Pro firmware update, getting your Spotify stats, Apple...


 2019-09-01  1h17m

episode 150: Libsyn is IAB v2 Certified and Women In Podcasting Stats

This is special show, recorded right before Podcast Movement 2019 on August 11, featuring not only my awesome co-host Rob Walch VP of Podcaster Relations at Libsyn, but also, Rob Greenlee VP of Podcasting Partnerships and Dave Jackson from the School...


 2019-08-19  59m

episode 149: Your Mic Is A Lifestyle Choice

Going over the Apple Podcasts categories again, OMG a new Libsyn front end website! New look y’all! Super awesome. Breaking down deets of what’s going on with Libsyn and Podcast Movement, plus we answer what are the Top 5 things a Podcaster should...


 2019-08-04  1h19m

episode 148: New Apple Podcasts Categories and Link Bait Galore

Everything that you know about the new updated Apple Podcasts categories! And how to update yours NOW on the Libsyn interface. Also covering that story from Bloomberg about Apple Podcasts exclusive content strategy and the plethora of derivative...


 2019-07-28  1h22m