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episode 244: No Mentions of A nor I

Libsyn and Amazon Music Join Forces to Showcase Book-Related Podcasters, The decisions in Gonzales v Google and Twitter v Taamneh for podcasting, Workflow using the Libsyn social destinations calendar and great tips for using Libsyn Studio, The new...



episode 243: Can Twitter Become The Number One Podcast Platform?

Exclusive deal between Libsyn's Advertisecast and The Newsworthy! Pros and cons on shipping a microphone to your guests, how Twitter can become the world's number-one podcast platform, sharing YouTube stats for The Feed, comments on AI from Spotify,...



episode 242: Podcasts on YouTube Music NOW

Podcasts are now in YouTube Music, and speaking of that, The Feed is now on YouTube! Yahoooo! The new RODE podcasting gear, Voicemod, Hindenburg 2, promo creation workflows, the importance of show titles, feedback on Adobe Podcasts, the best laptop...



episode 241: Video Podcasting Workflow and Podcasting AI Tools

Spanish language integration into the Libsyn platform, Optimizing your podcast for language, creating audio versions of written text and other AI podcasting tools, how to video podcasts on libsyn, best practices for one word title shows, tips for...


 2023-04-18  1h3m

episode 240: Stats Move To Libsyn 5 Plus iOS 16 Voice Isolation

Libsyn 4 stats moving to Libsyn 5, Libsyn’s Glow launches Spotify Open Access! Libsyn appoints Patrick Dolan as Chairman of the Board, voice isolation in iOS 16.4 and how that affects podcasters, podcasting history via an Audio Hijack story, the...


 2023-04-04  1h3m

episode 239: Considering The End User Workflow

Meredith Krantz appointed as Director of Brand Partnerships for Libsyn's Advertisecast, debrief on Podcast Movement Evolutions 2023, can an audio interface support a USB-C microphone? How to best know your real audience size, does an excerpt of...


 2023-03-21  1h6m

episode 238: Podcasts In YouTube Music and Measuring Distinct Listeners

The best Rob podcasting catchphrase ever, Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast Signs Exclusive Ad Partnership with The Viall Files, Podcasts in YouTube Music! Which gets us into YouTube + Podcasts mini Q&A, budget audio gear to send to a guest interview to...


 2023-03-07  1h8m

episode 237: Podcasting Is Just Fine

Video podcasting soapbox from Rob, an update on Google Podcast search from Google, discussing the Sonic Bloom awards, another doom and gloom article, this time from the NYTimes, Apple Podcasts subscriptions workflows and examples, Alexa and podcasting...


 2023-02-21  1h5m

episode 236: All The Feedback on Feedback

Libsyn + YouTube partnership to deliver real-time metrics to podcast advertisers! Sooo much delightful audio feedback all about - podcast feedback. Libsyn's Julep Expands to Spain. The new Libsyn experimental community over on Volley. Workflows to...


 2023-02-07  1h3m

episode 235: Nudging For Podcast Feedback

ℹ️ (Yes. Elsie's audio is sucky --- we know --- ????) Ya'll, where are the podcast promos? Why Elsie thinks podcast audience feedback is down, Libsyn Connect Beta is out! Have you tried it? (We've been recording this show with it since February...


 2023-01-24  57m