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episode 252: 252 The Podcasting Minimum Guarantee

ABC Audio Announces Exclusive Multi-Year Podcast Advertising Partnership with Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast, using the Shure MVX2U on the field, thoughts on Minimum Guarantees in podcasting, The Latino Podcast Listener Report 2023 is coming as is an...



episode 251: 251 It251 It's Ok To Only Have An Audio Podcast and Linkfire Excitement's Ok To Only Have An Audio Podcast and Linkfire Excitement

Podcast Movement recap! YouTube supporting RSS feeds by end of year, Triton has integrated with Youtube metrics, commentary on video vs audio and why it's ok to just have an audio podcast, Libsyn Unveils “LibsynEDU” to empower educators and...



episode 250: 250 No, It's Not Censorship

Alex Cooper from Call Her Daddy launches her own network called “Unwell” and media habits of Gen Z, nope, Apple was not censoring, Rob breaks down Glenn Beck's RSS feed (although the takedown was all about a trademark issue. MacWhisper! Podcast...


 2023-08-22  56m

episode 249: 249 How Is The SAG/AFTRA Strike Affecting Podcasters?

How the SAG and AFTRA strike is affecting podcasts and podcasters, how do feedswaps impact your listeners and do they really work for podcast growth? 2 USB mics one computer and Libsyn's Connect, will it work? X vs Threads, how best to technically...


 2023-08-08  1h4m

episode 248: 248 Podcast Trailers and Profanity In Podcast Titles

Best practices for podcast trailers, interesting titles for new podcasts that include profanity, Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast Signs Exclusive Ad Partnership with Knock ‘Em Dead, and Big IP Media, the FTC's updated advertising guides to combat deceptive...


 2023-07-25  1h12m

episode 247: 247 The IndiePod Manifesto, Goodbye Stitcher and Hello Threads

We cover the Stitcher App closing down with some historical context we know you've never heard! The IndiePod Manifesto, Libsyn's Advertisecast and Twit deal! All about the new kid on the block… Threads from Meta, YouTube and RSS feeds, stats mean...


 2023-07-11  1h10m

episode 246: 246: How Important is Podcast Episode Artwork?

Is podcast episode artwork worth having? The importance of podcast episode numbering and an update on how Apple Podcasts handles episode numbers. Apple improving podcast discovery through subcategories and charts, the addition of a new tab for...


 2023-06-27  1h19m

episode 245: Apple Podcasts iOS 17 Updates and Spotify Layoffs

Recap of WWDC 2023, iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 from the podcasters point of view, discussing Spotify laying off 25% of their podcast teams, feedback about The Podcast Show in London, the wonderful things about RSS, Castmagic and MacWhisper love! And of...


 2023-06-13  1h23m

episode 244: No Mentions of A nor I

Libsyn and Amazon Music Join Forces to Showcase Book-Related Podcasters, The decisions in Gonzales v Google and Twitter v Taamneh for podcasting, Workflow using the Libsyn social destinations calendar and great tips for using Libsyn Studio, The new...


 2023-05-30  1h4m

episode 243: Can Twitter Become The Number One Podcast Platform?

Exclusive deal between Libsyn's Advertisecast and The Newsworthy! Pros and cons on shipping a microphone to your guests, how Twitter can become the world's number-one podcast platform, sharing YouTube stats for The Feed, comments on AI from Spotify,...


 2023-05-16  1h15m