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episode 49: Chas Christiansen aka Notchas - Exploring the world in search of the stoke. PMA all day!

Chas Christiansen aka Notchas is my guest today. Chas is an artist, a professional fixed gear & ultra endurance athlete, a former bike messenger and simply an overall inspiring person. Besides the Transcontinental Race, Chas took part in the inaugurial Atlas Mountain Race, FURTHER and the Stage Coach 400 - a self support Mountain Bike Race. We first met when racing fixed gear crits at the Red Hook Crit series. While we do dwell a little in fixed gear memories, this podcast is about much more than that. Chas was one of the people that „helped“ me with his advice and encouragement in preparation for the Transcontinental Race. He’d done it with his partner Nico Deportago-Cabrera in a team the year before and then raced it again the same year as us. We talk about the spirit of ultra races like the Transcontinental Race and why Mike Halls mum reached out to Nico and him after their first TCR. This is definitely not the first time it happens, but it still amazes me, how someone from far away, from another continent can have an impact on your life. Through the internet. A very special episode for me. I hope you enjoy it as well!


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Cover Art: Chas Christiansen

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 2021-05-27  1h33m