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episode 26: Podcast piracy or defamation, should podcast hosts monitor the content or could a new podcast license be the simple fix to the problem? [transcript]

Join James Cridland and Sam Sethi as they discuss podcast piracy, theft, content moderation and licensing.

- ???? Jake Warren ???? - CEO Message Heard
- Will Page - author of Tarzan Economics
- Dave Jones - Lead Developer Podcast Index

- Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, Channels and Affiliations launched

- Spotify announces offline music, playlists and podcast downloads on Apple Watch

- Spotify is about to get into audiobooks

- Anchor is hosting pirate podcasts; such as Message Heard’s 'Finding Natasha'

- Jason Calacanis says Podclips is one of a new set of podcast apps stealing audio clips from his podcast shows

- The podcast:license tag is now finalised.

- podping․cloud is now being used in production at PodcastIndex.
It’s a distributed service using the Hive blockchain.

- Twitter’s getting ready for the launch of Ticketed Spaces. The company is partnering with Stripe to handle payments.

- Google Reader lives?! Google Chrome is testing a 'follow’ button in the browser,


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Podcast hosting and a whole lot more


 2021-05-28  1h18m