The Germany Experience

Life in Germany, as seen through the eyes of outsiders. Featuring the stories of foreigners who moved to Germany - either temporarily or permanently - and tips and advice for life in Germany. Get an inside view of the joys, the frustrations, and the quirks of adapting to the culture and learning German. New episodes every Wednesday.


episode 85: Advice for foreigners in Germany, taken from two years of The Germany Experience

The Germany Experience podcast is 2 years old and to celebrate, here is a compilation of some of the advice that guests have offered about everything from making friends through to preparing for bureaucracy. Thank you for listening the past 2 years!

The advice givers, and the episodes they were featured in: 

  • Dwight
  • Audrey
  • Jenna
  • Natalie
  • Emma
  • Amy
  • Sarah
  • Greg & Brigida
  • Liliana
  • Vlad
  • Thomas
  • Lori
  • Mari (author of The God Queen)
  • Ceri
  • Tim
  • Beth
  • Anna
  • Tania
  • Alicia (
  • Amy H
  • Shaked
  • Fiona
  • Lawin
  • Rafael
  • Christy


 2021-06-02  35m