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episode 195: You Have A Great Personality For Having A Podcast

On this episode we fill you in on the closing of Advertisecast, warning you about a serious scam from folks sending out DMCA takedowns for images and in the email they send there is a link that uses java script to infect your computer, keeping you posted on the latest Apple Podcasts emails plus subscriptions and channels are live today! Changing ownership in Apple Podcasts plus of course mean and median stats!

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Quick Episode Summary
  • :13 Intro
  • 3:30 PROMO 1: Strokecast - Episode 132
  • 4:02 Rob and Elsie Conversation
  • Libsyn has closed the Advertisecast deal!
  • WARNING! Scam! Emails and comments on blogs demanding that a copyrighted image be taken down. Beware.
  • Apple sent an email a couple of weeks ago updating folks that subscriptions would be delayed and they’ve been having troubles.
  • Apple sent another email updating everyone that subscriptions will go live June 15
  • IP addresses are personal data
  • If I change my podcast name will that negatively affect me?
  • 25:49 Audio feedback: Do you HAVE to sign up for the Apple subscription program?
  • Prime day is coming! Get ready!
  • An alternative to feedburner is
  • 29:46 PROMO 2: Healthcare Disparities in IBD
  • If you want to change ownership in Apple Podcasts Connect from one account to another, you need proof that you own and control the feed
  • Why does the RSS button not work?
  • KaiOS devices are another opportunity for your show to be heard!
  • Worst email of the week
  • A Stranger Things podcast from Netflix
  • Some troubles with Apple Podcasts on a Mac
  • 50:32 PROMO 3: Recovery Coast To Coast
  • Stats: Mean and Median!
  • Where have we been?
  • Where are we going?
Featured Podcast Promos + Audio
  • PROMO 1: Strokecast Episode 132
  • PROMO 2: Healthcare Disparities in IBD
  • PROMO 3: Recovery Coast To Coast

Thank you to Nick from MicMe for our awesome intro!

Podcasting Articles and Links mentioned by Rob and Elsie

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  • Fake Copyright Infringement Warnings Used to Spread Ransomware
  • Apple Podcasts Connect Disruptions and Apple Podcasts Subscriptions Launching in June
  • Apple Podcasts Subscriptions To Launch on June 15
  • Digging into Apple’s iCloud Private Relay
  • Stranger Things is getting a companion podcast and Magic: The Gathering cards
  • Women in Podcasting: How To Start A Podcast LIVE via Podbean
  • DEI For Podcasters Audience Value and Growth

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 2021-06-15  59m