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episode 414: Podcast 414 | Electronic Music Playlist: Stimming | Sune | Felipe Gordon | Adult Fiction | Adelphi Music Factory & More

New electronic music playlist.

I’m back with another new electronic music playlist, mixed playlist that is. As I enjoy inspiring you with new music on a weekly basis and giving you a fun listening experience at the same time, I’m here back with another selection of what I believe are must-have/hear essentials within the electronic music genre.

What to expect in this week’s music podcast?

There are some real gems and other outspoken releases in this selection that I would like to highlight for you. Because I rather choose to have you tuning into the podcast, I’ll keep it simple. Next to this I would like to state that all of the tracks in this week’s electronic music playlist deserve the same exposure and come from a wider pre-selection.

Contents in Dirty Disco 414.

* This week I curated 22 new tracks for this mixed electronic music playlist in Dirty Disco 414.* Among these 22 tracks are 11 promo releases (forthcoming) on the below listed labels.* 13 tracks from the playlist selection are also available (or will come) on vinyl. Please see the tracklist below.* There are 2 new artist albums by Stimming and Sune.* 1 Free download for you to grab, which is a bootleg by Yonatan Rukhman on Sade’s Smooth Operator. Grab it here for free. * Like always you can sign-up here to get direct access to the DJ mix (without presentation).

Stimming – Ludwig | Stimming Recordings.

There are two new artist albums (LP’s) that I would like to feature and therefore I’m playing a couple of tracks from the all brand new and different album by Stimming titled “Ludwig” on his very own Stimming Recordings label. This beautiful LP is not a usual four to the floor electronic dance music album. But an emotional approach by Stimming to create something more to listen to and for the long term than just basic house music to dance to with a short lifespan.

Sune – Everything Is Fine | Let’s Play House.

The other artist that recently released his LP is the Swedish Sune with his Everything Is Fine album on the Let’s Play House imprint. The album can be splitted up into two sections, as it tells a story on the A-side with beautiful story telling electronica, lo-fi beats, chilled down-tempo electronic hip-hop and atmospheres. The B side is a more four to the floor approach that can be used by DJ’s around the world to start filling up the dance floors again and them groove.

Forteba – Harmonia | Batavia Records.

If you are seeking for that real deep groove but yet with a dreamy and laid-back touch. This new Harmonia EP by Forteba on the Dutch Batavia Records is a must-have for you. It’s filled with 3 quality really deep house tunes where I will play you at least two from this weeks electronic music playlist selection. Both tracks, Delta Spa and the title track Harmonia are perfect for either the dance floor or chilling laid-back in a lounge or with a beautiful sunset. The deep vibes combined with a layer of feel good energy and subtle atmospheric elements can make you dance or enjoy the listening experience.


 2021-06-28  2h2m