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Hapbee - Relaxation at a push of a button? | Ep162

I talk with Scott Donnell, entrepreneur and CEO of Hapbee – the first wearable device that uses electromagnetic signals to guide your mood. We discuss the science behind the Hapbee, the importance of interacting with your emotions on a daily basis, and how YOU can take control of your mood to unleash your full potential. Full transcript and show notes: Thank you to today’s sponsors. Check them out: Naturenatesllc –Visit, you get a 15% discount off your first purchase when you use the code GUNDRYPODCAST. Airmedcare Network – Visit or use the code GUNDRY for a $50 eGift Card when you join. InsideTracker Store – Get 25% off the entire InsideTracker store. Just go to Thrive Market - Get $20 off your first order and a FREE gift at


 2021-06-28  n/a