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The mission of the Dr. Gundry Podcast is to help you live your best life — mind, body and soul — by empowering you with the tools and knowledge you need. Dr. Gundry interviews some of the world's leading health experts to glean life-changing insights and offers cutting-edge wellness advice during his topical lectures.

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The #1 Killer - and they’re treating it ALL wrong | Ep173

Jonny Bowden – aka "the nutrition myth buster"– and I reveal the TRUTH about cholesterol, expose the REAL villain when it comes to heart disease, and share what you can do TODAY to optimize your health and support a healthy heart. Full...



This “master antioxidant” could REVOLUTIONIZE your health | Ep172

Dr. Morris and I explain the importance of glutathione in the body and share some of the most incredible ways to feel – and even LOOK – like a younger, healthier you. Full transcript and show notes: If...



Menopause is a superpower (and other hormone surprises) | Ep171

Dr Stephanie Estima, author of "The Betty Body", shares her approach to healing: modern science mixed with ancient wisdom to help you — or the women in your life — find health by balancing your hormone levels. Full transcript...



Everything we know about metabolism is WRONG | Ep170

By now, you probably know I'm obsessed with ENERGY. So this episode is really exciting to me. My guest and I take a deep dive into our energy production by taking a close look at one of the last true hunter-gatherer societies on Earth...



The truth about successful people | Ep169

Jordan Harbinger and I discuss how you can bring more value to your friendships, feel confident in any social situation, and build relationships with high profile, powerful people. Full transcript and show notes:...


 2021-08-16  57m

"Listen to the wine" | Ep168

James Beard award-winning Chef Jimmy Schmidt and I talk all about the nuts and bolts of Plant Paradox cooking. We explain how to find the RIGHT lectin-free, non-inflammatory ingredients, share the secrets to creating awesome flavors, and...


 2021-08-09  1h8m

She FOUGHT for answers (and now she's sharing them) | Ep167

Jessica Murnane, a sought-after speaker, host, and women’s health advocate shares her unique story navigating life with endometriosis. She also shares how diet, movement, and effective stress management, can help women across the globe...


 2021-08-02  n/a

He went lectin-free, and it changed EVERYTHING (Plant Paradox Vegan Tips) | Ep166

The Sensitive Vegan and I discuss his impressive journey to health, tips for vegans on the Plant Paradox, and professional cooking advice to help YOU cook your way to better health. Full transcript and show notes:...


 2021-07-26  1h11m

Would you eat algae? | Ep165

Catharine and I discuss how certain types of algae can be used to support your energy levels, immune response, skin health and so much more. We also explain how algae works to fill nutritional gaps, and ultimately, how it might help support...


 2021-07-19  59m

The “quiet disease” 1 in 9 men struggle with | 164

Dr. Stengler and I to discuss the root causes behind some of the most common men's health issues and share how you (or the men in your life) can use diet, supplements, and lifestyle choices to support a healthy prostate. Full transcript...


 2021-07-12  1h2m