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BIGGEST RISK with Joe Evangelisti

J. Darrin Gross:

I'd like to ask you, Joe, evangelist at what is the BIGGEST RISK?


Joe Evangelisti 

Absolutely. And I have insurance background as well. So I mean, I'm not going to answer from an insurance perspective, but I understand where you're coming from. And, and look, I think insurance is one way, you know, we could talk about risk, but really, when we're talking about risk in life, and we're talking about risk and success and growth and contribution and creating something that, you know, when we talk about legacy, wealth, or legacy building, I think about legacy as when I create that thing, there's some kid 100 years from now, who's never heard my name, who's going to be impacted by that, because his grandfather, and Father, you know, taught that, you know, took it down the line and created that long term legacy and wealth, right? In order to create that there's no way you can do it without risk, right? Everything we do is risk, you drive your car to work in the morning, it's a risk, but you don't not work, right, you don't not go to your job. It's the same thing, I think in our industry, is there's going to be a lot of risks. But the one way that we can create risk mitigation is through proper due diligence through making sure we check all of our boxes through thinking 12 months to two years in advance or five years in advance in some in some cases, right? So, you know, when it comes to like, let's say Self Storage development, for an example, there's a lot of outliers, right, the market could change the the the price of materials right now has gone through the roof. And so we build in contingencies for these things, we pay attention to the what ifs, we look ahead to, you know, making sure that we ask the right questions and do the proper due diligence. You know, we don't buy sites that, you know, used to contain an underground oil spill or you know, have major water issues or any that type of thing. So I think the best way to mitigate risk when you're in the development business and in your in the construction business, is to do the proper due diligence, like you see here, most of the nightmare stories of big developments gone wrong. It's because someone forgot to ask the right question. someone forgot to do the right study, someone skipped paying for the feasibility report and just went in all in on a gut feeling. You know, one of the things about these big deals that I like is there's so many people involved in the approval process, right? It goes through 20 different hands before we say yes, and before we even decided to go take investor money in. So we want to make sure that we're mitigating the risk to create the best possible upside, knowing that it's going to go wrong, that we have problems, things happen, right, and then being surrounded by really good problem solvers. So when they come up, we have a plan B and A plan C and a plan D.


 2021-07-06  2m