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episode 32: Apple iOS 14.6, is it a bug or a feature exposing the dirty download secret? Ross Adams CEO, ACast explains 5 reasons why we need RSS, Is Audacity dangerous now it's Russian owned. Podcasts finally agree on episode notes. Interview with Jim Ballas, CTO,


Join James Cridland and Sam Sethi

With Special Interviews:

- Jim Ballas, LaunchpadOne

Podland News

Audacity, an open-source audio editor, is to share limited analytics data with their company in Kaliningrad in Russia, it has announced. The data shared, which you don’t appear to be able to opt-out of, includes your IP address but doesn’t include your name, address or email. The app was “acquired” by Muse Group, a company based in Cyprus,

  • Audacity has posted “a quick statement to address the concerns around our new Privacy Policy”. “We do understand that unclear phrasing of the Privacy Policy and lack of context regarding introduction has led to major concerns about how we use and store the very limited data we collect. 

2. First look: PodcastOne has launched LaunchpadOne, a new, free podcast host. The platform includes PayPal donations, a learning centre and the opportunity to get discovered by PodcastOne.

3. Libsyn shows can now be added to JioSaavn, India’s largest music streaming service with more than 100m monthly users.

4. RSS is the only way

The Realists Uncensored
Hey future listeners, it’s Checkers and MJ here and we are two American men that are...

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 2021-07-08  33m